Browser Check

This page will automatically check your computer to see if it meets the minimum requirements for NFSTP. If you don't see the green check mark for some of the programs or settings, please make the required changes. Links for recommended software are found below. This page is meant to be a guide to increase compatibility with NFSTP courses and does not imply that you cannot access data. When reporting technical issues to NFSTP Support, it can also be useful if you include the System Information recorded here.

System Information


For online courses, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome

Although not required, it is also recommended to use the latest versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java and Quicktime. Links to these downloads are below.

If you are using a Mac, updates for Java and Quicktime can be found under Software Update. Software Update is found under the Apple logo at the top left of your screen.

Java QuickTime Player PDF Reader Flash Player Shockwave Player


Currently Firefox is only able to download PDF files - this will allow you to save a copy and view them on your local machine. If you want to view PDF files inside your browser (online), there are two options:

  • Download and use Google Chrome
  • Download and Install the PDF plugin from Firefox. Note: Adobe's Plugin for Firefox is also broken and will cause major browser issues - do not use it.
    1. Save file to known location on computer
    2. In Firefox, click Tools and then Add-ons
    3. Click the gear at the top right of the page and select "Install Add-ons from file..."
    4. Select file and click open
    5. Install Add-on