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This "book" contains the general information you need to get started.  Please take the time to review the information and feel free to contact Distance Learning/Student Technologies at or stop by A-212 for assistance.

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11. Daily Routine

Success comes from regular, timely, and thoughtful time spent completing your coursework. Starting an online or hybrid course requires that a student develops a system that works - utilizing the BEST time in your schedule, not any time left over in your schedule.

Some tips are:

  • Schedule time for your course just as if you were going to class.
  • Look at the demands on your time - work, family, other courses - and find the "best time" for you to work on your coursework.
  • Don't procrastinate.
  • Ask questions. If you don't ask, your instructor will assume you understand the material.
  • Don't let others tempt you. Let them know you are "in class" - but don't tell them it is an online class. There will be time to go to the beach, shopping, ball field, etc. when you finish your coursework.

The Distance Learning Virtual Campus of Oglala Lakota College urges developing a new daily routine. The routine suggested on that website (adapted for BCC) is:

Every day:

  • Check your student email
  • Download and read course materials that may be in your email
  • Log into Moodle and check assignments
  • Check Latest News and Messages
  • Submit homework in Moodle
  • Read and respond to Discussion Forums
  • Check to see if the instructor has made any changes or added materials
  • Make sure you know what assignment is due next and start/continue working on it.
  • Read your textbook or other materials assigned by the instructor
  • Post questions if you don't understand the material

At least twice weekly:

  • Check your progress and make sure you are still "on schedule" with assignment due dates
  • Schedule uninterrupted time to take any upcoming tests or quizzes (if applicable.