Start of the Semester FAQs


In addition to this FAQ sheet, please review the rest of the Student Technologies Orientation carefully. It contains useful information to help you begin your courses, login to your email, and use campus computers.

How will I know about scheduled maintenance or other announcements that affect Moodle, Student Email, or other student technology?

Please pay attention to the notices that are posted on the Student Portal and on the login page of Moodle.   If anything is upcoming that will affect the student technologies at BCC, an announcement will be posted to keep you informed.

I'm a new student or haven't attended BCC for a while; when will I be able to log into Moodle?

If you registered on or before Registration Day, you will be able to log into Moodle on the first day of classes. 

For those who register during the drop/add period, your login will be active the day AFTER you register.

I cannot log into my student email.

      • RETURNING students:  If you have not attended since Fall 2014, use the password you are using to access WebAdvisor and Moodle instead of the password you used previously.
      • Be sure to use your full email address in the format (don't forget to include student in the address)
      • Another common issue with email is problems entering the captcha letters. Check twice to make sure you have entered the correct letters/numbers.

Still having issues?  Please come by the Distance Learning/Student Technologies office on the second floor of building A, room 216.

I signed up for a class that is not showing up in Moodle.

There are several reasons this can happen. They are:

      • There are several different start dates for courses each semester - please check the actual start date of the course. The letter portion of the course section indicates when during the semester the course begins.  Please refer to the section numbers on your personal schedule to see when your course starts.  There is a COURSE DATES KEY located on the full student schedule which may be found at
      • Hybrid course sites will probably not be available until the first class meeting.
      • Moodle sites for traditional classes will be made available at various times by the instructors.  DO NOT BE ALARMED IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR COURSES ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. This does not reflect your registration status. All it means is that your course(s) has not been released by the instructor.
      • Online courses may not appear first thing in the morning of their scheduled start date, but should appear within 24 hours of the start date.

A class I took last semester is still showing.

The instructor has not "closed" the course. There may be a reason the instructor has not hidden the course, but please feel free to contact the instructor to check.

I dropped a course during the drop/add period, but it is still showing on Moodle.

Courses that you "drop" during the drop/add period are not removed immediately, but will disappear later in the semester.  Until that happens, pay close attention to the section numbers when you are entering the Moodle sites to ensure you are entering the correct site.

I withdrew from a course after the drop/add period, and it is still showing on Moodle.

This class will remain on your Moodle site for audit purposes.  You may ignore any group messages you receive from the instructor for that class IF you are sure you completed the withdrawal process.

Thank you,

The Distance Learning Staff at Brunswick Community College

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