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Moodle Maintenance - overnight February 2-3

Moodle Maintenance - overnight February 2-3

by Ann Harrison -
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UPDATE:  Moodle is available for logins.  Thank you!

Hello all, Please plan ahead - Moodle will be undergoing maintenance overnight Thursday/Friday, February 2-3.

If you are planning to take a quiz or submit an assignment that evening, be sure to do so early enough that you have completed the project before midnight.

Moodle should be back in service Friday morning.  An announcement will be posted on Moodle, on the student portal page, and an email sent to student accounts when it has returned to service.

REMEMBER:  to ensure that you are seeing the most current announcement and not a cached version, please refresh your browser.  Typically pressing control-F5 will force a browser refresh. 

(apple products:  apple + R or command + R)

More information may be found on the "Refresh your cache" website.