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    Welcome to BCC - Fall 2020

    by Ann Harrison -

    Hello all,

    Welcome to BCC.  Here's a few tips for successfully accessing technologies at BCC:

    • Contact the Distance Learning Office at if you have questions.
    • Use the BCC Sites dropdown menu at the top left of the Moodle screen to access student email, SelfService, and the password management site
    • Be sure to use the student email link in the dropdown menu to ensure you are going to the correct website
    • BCC's Moodle does not support the Moodle app.  Please do not attempt using the app.
    • Chromebooks and tablets (iPads and others) will not support all features in Moodle or in the supplement sites (MML, MindTap, etc.) used in your courses.  If you run into issues with a Chromebook and do not have access to a PC or Microscoft-based laptop, you may use the computers in the BCC Library.  Reservations are strongly suggested.
    • MacBooks may have issues with some features as well.
    • Please do not attempt to do coursework on a phone.
    • If you are using a publisher site and experience problems, please contact the publisher's support/help desk.
    Thank you, and we hope you have a wonderful semester.


    by Ann Harrison -

    - New Email Accounts (Microsoft Office 365) - 

    Student Gmail email disabled

    New email address -

    Don't forget - student email accounts have changed from gmail to O365/Outlook, and the email address changed.  If you have added the account to your personal Gmail or are using the Gmail app, please make the switch to O365 now.  There is more information in the Email Conversion link here and at the top of the Moodle site.

    URGENT - If you access your old gmail account to download documents, etc., DO NOT attempt to send an email from Gmail - it will not be delivered.  

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