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    Student Technologies Orientation

    Welcome! This orientation is designed to give an overview of the technologies you will need to be a successful student at BCC.  Additionally, there are introductions to the services available to you at BCC.

    To complete the orientation, start with the first section, looking at each item in order. Some of you may want to go to the computer help sites; some of you may not need to complete that section.

    This orientation contains downloadable PDF tip sheets, powerpoint presentations, and links to websites as well as several short online "books" addressing specific areas. 

    To view the books, click on the title of the desired topic, then use the left/right arrows or the page titles on the left side of the page to navigate through the material.  Some pages are long - be sure to scroll down through the material.

    The topics included are: Getting Started, Email, Moodle, Self-Service/WebAdvisor, Student Services, and a section on various Microsoft software.

    NOTE:  All links open in a new tab.

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    Self-Service  can be accessed by going to the BCC homepage, clicking on MyBCC, then clicking on the Self-Service link.  

    There is a short tutorial for Self-Service available on the BCC website .  

    You may either click on the links above or below to access the  website and tutorials.  Both links open in new windows.



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