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Don't forget to update your Password

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Don't forget to update your Password
by Ann Harrison - Thursday, March 24, 2016, 5:54 PM
Remember that passwords expire every 90 days.  To avoid being "locked out" of Moodle and WebAdvisor, please make sure that you:
  • know when your password was last changed - and estimate when it should be changed again
  • know your security questions so you can reset your password if you forget it or get locked out.  If you do not know the answers, go back to the password tool (opens in new window) and click the "Enroll" button to reset them.  NOTE: the answers are case-sensitive.
If you are not sure when your password will expire, consider going ahead and changing it now.

IMPORTANT:  Changing your password will NOT update your student email password.  It will remain the same.  While the email and password systems are not connected, stop by the distance learning office if you have difficulties logging into your student email or would like to change that password.